Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More on LIMITS

I'm probably doing it wrong, but I see trailing limits as a glass half-empty strategy. You
My perspective is glass half-full. Right now my strategy is to set limit orders for pre-definted exit points (profit). As such, I posted another 12% in LLNW and sold half. Luckily we're on the west coast, so I can check the market in the morning before going to work and set limits for the day based on the direction I think things might go.
From what I'm seeing I think the end of the week could see things coming back down a bit. Tomorrow could be the turning point. LLNW seems to track the market nicely, although not directly. I was losing last week when everyone else was gaining and now vice-versa - things were a little delayed. Wonder how many times I can pull this off... It'll probly stop working as soon as I get ballsy with it.

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