Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Low Cost WiMax Play

As you know, I've been following the WiMax industry for a while. I think Clearwire is a really good buy at around $20. If it goes back down there I'll buy it. It may not get there now that the fed has cut interest rates, but anything close to that would probably be safe in the long-term.
Instead of the CLWR rollercoaster ride, I just bought Airspan Networks at $2.17. This company is 100% focused on wireless infrastructure and has recently won several contracts for WiMax solutions around the world. They posted a wider loss for Q2, which is responsible for the current low price of this stock, citing decreased demand for their WiFi products.
However, with the increased focus on WiMax deployment around the world, they have tons of room to grow. To top it off, they just announced the world's first universal mobile wimax modem for a laptop. Imagine being able to access high speed internet while traveling at 60mph (in your car, on the bus or train). The only other company with this technology is Motorola, but Airspan's modem will work with WiMax on any spectrum, while the Motorola card is only set to work with Clearwire/Sprint's spectrum at 2.5GHz. With Airspan, we're talking worldwide interoperability here!
A major competitor of Airspan with regard to infrastructure rollout is Alvarion. This company has also been signing contracts left and right to roll out WiMax around the world. The $30 stock price and the lack of a low place to get in has shyed me away from it for right now. However, I will be keeping an eye on this one as well.
The low $2 price on this stock, combined with the increased WiMax rollouts throughout the world should make this stock a no-brainer!

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